Hub City Cleanline & Washdown Products

Hub City is raising their commitment to the pharmaceutical, meat, poultry and produce processing industries to a new level to provide ultimate motion solutions for these washdown environments. These new products include stainless steel and composite thermoplastic mounted bearings and stainless steel or acrylic painted gear drives. Four levels of washdown protection make up the product offering. CleanLine gear drives feature acrylic painted housings and stainless steel shafts. CleanLine Plus gear drives feature aluminum Platinum PlusTM housings and stainless steel shafts. CleanLine Plus mounted bearings feature composite thermoplastic housings with stainless steel inserts. The CleanLine UltraPlus mounted bearings feature stainless steel housings and inserts.

The Hub City stainless steel design featured in the CleanLine UltraPlus drives and bearings goes beyond basic corrosion resistance, by providing a smooth unobstructed, contoured exterior surface. The exterior is free of ribs, undercuts and protrusions that do not support washdown, cleaning and sanitary conditions.

CleanLine UltraPlus Hub3® (Hub Cube) Gear Drives are provided with stainless steel housings, shafts and hardware. These drives are available in seven sizes of worm gear reducers and three models of bevel gear drives. Smooth polished surfaces all around identify these drives as the ultimate food processing and/or washdown solutions (patents pending).

Many of these gear drives are listed on the USDA/AMS - Dairy meat and poultry program accepted equipment list.

For more information on Hub City’s Cleanline & Washdown products go to Standard Products or Literature Download. Click here for a local Hub City Distributor.

Hub City has the ability to provide standard, modified standard and custom products, no matter how large or small. Hub City is committed to providing excellent customer service, outstanding quality, fine workmanship and timely delivery of all Hub City components.

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