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PoweratioŽ Helical Bevel Drive Model HB2103


Hub City Poweratio® 2000 Helical Bevel Drives offer Design Flexibility and Efficiency

In industries such as mining, aggregate, or grain handling, bulk material handling conveyors are numerous and rely on rugged shaft mounted reducers to drive them.  Sometimes, a more compact drive package is needed and a right angle drive unit is more suited for the application.  Efficiency remains critical and a helical bevel gear drive unit offers efficiencies of 92 to 95%. 

Hub City’s Helical Bevel Drives are available in shaft mount or shaft output designs, and shaft or c-face input configurations.  Direct coupling the drive motor with a quill (c-face) input can further reduce costs by eliminating hardware items such as sheaves, couplings, motor mounts, belts and belt guards.

The model HB2103 expands these capabilities by offering power ratings up to 130HP.  Available ratios range from 7/1 to 138/1.  Frame sizes range from 182TC to 364TC.  Backstops are available on request as a factory option.

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