3D Model Configurators


Welcome to Hub City's 3D model configurators. To begin, select the product you wish to configure from the list below. Please note, as this tool is being developed, the links in this list will become live as each product configurator is completed. If the the link for the product you wish to configure is not yet live, please contact Hub City Marketing. The model you are needing may already be in process.

Please note that you must log in before you will be able to download a 3d model. However, you may use each configurator tool to select, configure and view each model before downloading.
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Select the product you want to configure, and download CAD


Gear Drives and Speed Reducers
HERA® Gear Drives Hub City HERA Drive / Marathon Motor Combination
Marathon Motors  
Worm Speed Reducers
Single Reduction Double Reduction
Spartan Aluminum Worm Gear Drives 
Single Reduction Double Reduction
Bevel Gear Drives  
Parallel Shaft Drives
Single Reduction Double Reduction
Mina Gear Drives
PowerTorque Shaft Mount Reducers
High Efficiency Helical Gear Drives                   
Poweratio 2000 Helical Worm Drives Poweratio 2000 Compact Helical Parallel
Poweratio 2000 Helical Bevel Drives Poweratio 4000 Helical Inline Drives
Stainless Steel Gear Drives   
Stainless Worm Gear Drives Stainless Helical Inline Drives
Stainless Helical Bevel Drives Stainless Ratio Multipliers
Mounted BearingsComing Soon
Industrialine Mounted Bearings Duraline Mounted Bearings
Parametric Search Tool